Kitchen Toke Holiday Gift Guide

Kitchen Toke Gift Guide: 15 holiday gift ideas

Over the course of the year, Kitchen Toke staff and contributors come across a variety of products as avid cooks and proponents of wellness. We curated this list of 15 holiday gift ideas to share some of our favorites all in the name of health, wellness, cannabis, and above all, good food.

Blueberry CBD Bites

1. Blueberry Bliss Hemp CBD Bites

Think of these as the grown-up version of a stocking stuffer. Vegan and gluten-free with no added sugar, this CBD made from hemp, snack-on-the-go fits busy lifestyles. The bliss bites are reminiscent of blueberry pie, a favorite of Kitchen Toke founder Joline Rivera. Get the Blueberry Bliss Bites at Kitchen Toke Shop.


2. Boxfarm 2

Micro shoots, including broccoli and radish, boost the nutritional value of salads but they aren’t cheap and have a short shelf life. The solution: grow your own. Boxfarm 2 is a soil-free system for growing these greens that are ready to harvest in about 10 days using natural light or grow light. You can even try starting your own flower this way before transplanting to soil.

Brita Stainless Water Filter

3. Brita Stainless Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential to good health. But when your own tap isn’t nearby, filtered water is better than bottled for the environment’s sake which is why this version of Brita is a go-to for outdoorsy-types. The MSRP is $29.99 but can be found at a variety of retailers for a lower price.

Pet CBD treats

4. CBD dog treats

How do you know a good CBD dog treat when you see one when the selection seems endless? We’ve done the work for you on the Kitchen Toke online shop. Jake and Marty are partial to Earth Buddy and Dope Dog. Their pet favorites and more can be found at Kitchen Toke Shop.

Embossed rolling pins

5. Embossed rolling pin

The simplest tools are surprisingly impressive, such as embossed rolling pins for cookies.DoughRoller offers a variety of embossed rolling pins, from vines to hearts. Our favorites, however, include the cannabis leaf and the honeycomb pattern, to make cookies with Kitchen Toke Hemp Honey. Use the honey to sweeten any sugar cookie recipe or cannabutter to infuse the dough. Check out the shortbread dough for punitions from the Poilane cookbook.

GIR Spatula

6. GIR Silicone Spatula

What’s so special about a spatula? Every chef and serious cook will attest to the virtues of this simple utensil. Different sizes ensure a spotless bowl or saute pan, whether it’s a sauce, dressing or batter. Consider the cost and effort of infusing food, every last bit seriously counts. Start with the “Ultimate” size and you’ll be hooked. If you already are, this silicone spatula makes an ideal host give or stocking stuffer. Available in 16 colors at GIR for $12.95.


7. Joule

If you’re still making cannabutter, canna oil or infusing fat the old school way, it’s time to invest in an immersion stick circulator aka sous vide stick. While many are available, Joule is our top choice for reliability and ease of use through its app. Kitchen Toke’s demonstration for Food & Wine will give you a leg up. Available for $129 for a limited time on Amazon.com.

Kitchen Toke Gift Boxes

8. Kitchen Toke Gift Boxes

Did you think we wouldn’t recommend our honey gift boxes? It’s a deal among deals: $89 for the honey plus Harney & Sons tea and a signature Kitchen Toke mug or with Caputo semi-hard cheese and nuts tossed with a secret recipe by our founder, Joline Rivera. Get the full spiel at Kitchentokehoney.com.

KitchenWise by Shirley O. Corriher

9. KitchenWise by Shirley O. Corriher

Understanding the science of food and cooking helps with proficiency, especially cooking with cannabis.Award-winning author Shirley O. Corriher’s recent book doesn’t address cannabis per se but it’s full of essential food science for home cooks and provides a foundation to better infuse edibles. Purchase at your local bookstore, many which are online.

Kitchen Toke Gift Boxes

10. Larq self-cleaning water bottle

Do you really need to blow basically a Benjamin on a self-cleaning water bottle? For the active person who has everything, why not $95? The water bottle uses a UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants by pushing a button on the cap. If it makes you feel any better, it can be found at Larq for up to 35% off for the holidays.

The Mirror

11. The Mirror

Live fitness at home during a pandemic? It’s genius if you have $1,495 to drop for the Mirror, a startup that Lululemon invested in to extend its clothing brand. The tech-enabled mirror with a camera and speakers allows participants to engage in live fitness at home. Think yoga, fitness classes, personalized training and on-screen metrics on your performance. The price of the mirror doesn’t include a required subscription to access the classes and trainers.

Kitchen Toke Gift Boxes

12. Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World's Smells by Harold McGee

Food geeks familiar with Harold McGee’s “How To Read A French Fry” and “On Food and Cooking” will be overjoyed with his latest book on smells. But those who appreciate terpenes will be equally impressed with McGee’s research and breakdown on flavors in this incredibly informative tomb.

Red. Cal Peaches

13. Red Cal Peaches

You may shrug off the reviews of these peaches as the best ever—until the first bite. We don’t extol the virtues of anything often but Cal Reds from Frog Hollow Farm deserve every accolade. The only drawback: you won’t ever settle for a mediocre peach ever again. When they arrive in August, eat them as is or drizzle with Kitchen Toke Hemp Honey with guilty pleasure infused whipped cream or this Kitchen Toke ice cream recipe to put them way over the top.

Gift Cards

14. Restaurant Gift Cards

Giving a gift card is usually lame but not in the times of coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry. Thousands of restaurants have shuttered for good and by the time a vaccine is available, thousands more will have closed throughout the country. Other than ordering takeout for nearby friends and family, gift cards help out with an infusion of much-needed cash. Purchase gift cards for local restaurants at Giftly.com.

Prabal Gurung Floral Embroidered Hoodie

15. Prabal Gurung Hoodie

You know that one piece of clothing that just makes you happy and hopeful? You put it on and it feels like a giant hug? This is it. Bold, yet understated, the Stem Floral Embroided Hoodie by designer Prabal Gurung is a testament to the interconnectedness of nature. The white cotton hoodie, made in the US, represents a palate of possibilities while the flowers embroidered along the sleeves speak to the symbiosis with our bees. And besides all of that, the hoodie is super soft and really cute. It fits true to size. Purchase from PrabalGurung.com.

Kitchen Toke Tote Bag

Extra: Kitchen Toke Tote Bag

Just like conversation T-shirts, tote bags have something to say. Our designer for Kitchen Toke created a bag that shows off our signature bee. Messaging was inspired by the meaning behind “kind bud”—pungent, high THC quality flower. Made of cotton canvas, our totes measure 15-inches by 16-inches with 11-inch handles. Go to kitchentokehoney.com to order and you’ll get a deal if the tote is accompanied by our honey.