A Different Kind of Buzz

Californians can now start sipping weed-fortified wine. Rebel Coast Winery recently rolled out the first alcohol-free, THC-infused sauvignon blanc for $59.99 per bottle. The grapes are from Sonoma County, but the technology that allows for precise dosing and respects the resulting taste of wine is from Denver-based Ebbu.

Ebbu’s “HydroPS” technology also ups the bioavailability of THC, allowing the effects to kick in within a few minutes versus a few hours. Each serving has 5 mg THC and 35 fewer calories thanks to the absence of alcohol. The most THC one person could consume would be 20 mg, not quite enough to get totally messed up and allowing for a genuine wine-drinking experience. Expect to see additional varieties, such as a rose and sparkling wine, as well as a line of CBD wines later this year.

Through partnership agreements, the wine will become available in other recreational states and Canada in spring 2019, according to Rebel and Ebbu.

Price: $59.99

Available in California, Canada and other recreational states by the end of the year