Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Introducing Kitchen Toke Hemp Honey and Hemp Bee Balm

Our bees produce the world’s only full-spectrum, whole-plant honey.

They eat a patented blend of full-spectrum hemp and flower nectar to produce our one-of-a-kind hemp honey and beeswax balm—infused by bees, not humans.



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Kitchen Toke magazine: Summer 2020

In the Summer issue, we put together some easy, healthy bites for home or on the go that can be enjoyed for more than just one meal that’ll last more than just one meal: a favorite Mexican street snack, a Chicago munchie spot capturing the flavors of Southeast Asia, Eating to calm stress with chef Tito Dudley, how to infuse salt, learn about CBN another cannabinoid, and some psychedelic tips for outdoor trips. Sometimes the smallest things mean the most. We’re here to help you find some.


Kitchen Toke Hemp Bee Balm

Hemp Bee Balm infused by bees, not humans. 



Our Cannabutter Recipe

Before cannabis can be used in a recipe, it must be activated or decarboxylated to maximize all of its benefits. Traditionally, de-carbing meant heating the buds at a low temperature for two to three hours in the oven. This method, however, can destroy flavor and lead to bitterness. Learn how to preserve both the consistency and the terpene flavors by using our sous vide process.