CBD infused dehydrated strawberries

Dry and Mighty

Infused, dehydrated fruit snacks stretch summer year-round

At the gym, at work and in transit, people see Jordan Wagman tearing into his homemade stash of inky, chewy, dried fruit snacks and ask what he’s eating. “People assume it’s candy,” says the Toronto-based, James Beard-nominated chef.

He’d share if only there were any to spare. “I make these all the time but never seem to make enough,” he says. “They’re usually eaten within a day or two.”

With a refrigerated shelf life of about two weeks and a freezer life of several months, the sweet treats deliver a taste of summer in any season.


CBD Dehydrated Strawberries
Recipe: CBD infused dehydrated strawberries


Wagman’s recipe calls for a CBD-infused maple syrup, which he uses to treat his chronic psoriasis. Strawberries and pineapples are his drying-fruits of choice. “They hold their color well, and their flavor explodes.”


CBD Dehydrated Coconut Pineapple
Recipe: CBD infused dehydrated coconut pineapple


Wagman adds a drop or two of peppermint oil to the wet ingredients. “The freshness and huge pop of flavor get your palate ready for what’s next.”

Recently, Wagman purchased a dehydrator to free up the commercial oven in his home. While it’s too early to say which appliance will outperform, Wagman already has one “pro” tallied in the dehydrator column. “Now my huge range isn’t on for hours at a time, overheating the place,” he says.

By Shaila Wunderlich
Photography by Paul Lowe

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