Elevated Edibles

Super Chill, Factored

In Beekeeper’s Naturals B. Chill a spoonful of honey can be medicine.

ZootDrops Yippee Ki-yay

If you’re familiar with the Bruce Willis movie “Die Hard,” you’ll get the name behind one of these cannabis-infused concentrates.

Low-dose Lowdown

Just a small dose of THC in a fruity little lozenge gives benefits without too much buzz.

Higher Ground

A new product line delivers cannabis-infused coffee and tea in single-brew, sustainable pods called Brewbudz.

A Different Kind of Buzz

It’s weed in wine, giving you a different kind of buzz.

EZ THC Chocolates

If you want an edible that tastes nothing like pot, you’ll want to try EZ THC chocolates.


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