Elevated Edibles

Can’t Believe It’s Not an Edible

EZ THC chocolates may not have the sexiest name but the flavor more than makes up for it. This high-end chocolate boasts the effects of raw THC, but tastes like the real deal.

Made from a blend of free-trade cacao beans sourced from Belize, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, each bar contains 100 mg of THC. The SC Labs-certified bars are thin and divided into four sticks, sort of like a skinny Kit Kat without the cookie inside. Each stick contains 25 mg of THC to allow exact dosing, but it’s easily dividable for smaller doses.

“I developed EZ THC chocolates as a way to eliminate the inconsistency in the dosing ratio that’s frequent among edible products,” owner Matt Fosburg says. EZ THC currently makes a 63 percent dark chocolate bar and a 40 percent milk chocolate bar. Fosburg says six new bars will soon be added to the line.

Price: $15
Available in California