Fall for Cider

Easy to love infused drinks for the season. Here’s our intel to get started.

Yule Want This Log

If you can follow a recipe, you can make this iconic holiday dessert.

Braised and Infused

How to cook low and slow with cannabis.

Coconut Milk

An infused nondairy “milk” worthy of respect.

How to Make Cannabutter

When time isn’t of the essence, try the long, slower route to making cannabutter, which also reduces the flavor.

Pop Goes the Pop Up

Cannabis dinners have emerged from the underground. And they’re easy to find.

First Down and More To Go

A former NFL player turns pain into a passion with cannabis.

All Juiced Up

A growing trend of juicing weed in the raw delivers a different kind of hit.

A New Leaf

Fresh cannabis takes its place at the table, keeping it simple in its purest form.

7 Cannabis Kitchen Myths: Busted

How can you separate the experienced canna chefs from the charlatans? Begin by familiarizing yourself with the most oft repeated misinformation.

An Adults-Only Halloween

If you went trick-or-treating, this is what award-winning pastry chef and restaurant owner Mindy Segal would give you: Canna Taffy Apple Popcorn Clusters.

Muscled Up Mimosa

With a tincture and fruit, this popular brunch cocktail can give you a nutritional lift and even nurse a hangover.

Meet the Strain Master

This dude has developed some of the highest octane flower found anywhere. Here’s why he’s in hot pursuit of the next best bud possible.

Size and Shape Matters

Slice, dice, shred or spiralize, preparation makes all the difference in flavor and texture. Bet you never knew infusing food could be this much fun.


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