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Ham It Up

How to extend an iconic favorite over the holidays

Cooking for two or even a handful of people is tough during the holidays. There are no such things as a dwarf goose or a mini rib roast.

But there’s ham, available in small sizes with the added benefit of a longer shelf life to manage leftovers. Planning for even just a few people, however, means not settling.

Go for a Honey Baked Ham, with its crunchy, sugary exterior, balanced smoky flavor and precise 1/8-inch pull-apart slices. Ennobling tables since 1957, this ham performs even better than others when it’s reheated.

Even if you don’t eat good luck ham on New Year’s Day, or it isn’t the centerpiece of any holiday meals, it’s still worth adding to your repertoire. After it’s the focus of one meal, it’s a hack for many others.

Remember to ask for a bone-in ham so that a next-day soup is an option. Infused holiday dishes like these, when guests are abundant and time is spread thin, make for fun and festive hangouts.

—Laura Yee

When the last of the spiral ham is gone, there’s the promise of soup with a chunk of crusty bread and some THC to tuck you in on a cold night.


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