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This CBD Honey Is Worth The Hype

Kitchen Toke Honey makes Food & Wine’s Pick List

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60 Healthy Snacks to Stock Up On This Fall

Kitchen Toke Honey makes Forbes’ list

Chicago Tribune

What Does CBD in Skin Care Actually Do?

Article featuring Joline Rivera’s advice on CBD skin care

Chicago Tribune

Coming soon to a party near you: Marijuana users, and there's a variety of them

Article featuring Joline Rivera on how cannabis is attracting a diverse audience of new users
Cherry Bombe

CBD and Donuts

Joline Rivera’s appearance on Cherry Bombe Radio, hosted by Kerry Diamond.

7 Women On What It Takes To Succeed In The World Of Cannabis

For International Women’s Day, they open up about the unique challenges they face in the industry.

Marijuana Supper Clubs in Chicago

It’s not … some kind of criminal enterprise going on here. It’s a dinner party.

Leafstyles 2018

The ‘Green Rush’ and the future of cannabis.

As Cannabis goes legal, America's got the munchies for high-end edibles

Gourmet chefs, food makers, and publishers are taking weed-infused food way beyond the pot brownie.

Chicago-based magazine cooks up pot-infused recipes

Kitchen Toke casts aside the “special brownies” of yesteryear to focus on high-minded fare from award-winning chefs.

Stigma Check: Kitchen Toke Magazine is a Sign of Acceptance

There are pros and cons to shopping at Whole Foods. When it comes to finding niche health food items—the “Whole” can be a great resource.


Free market, legal adult cannabis spurs economic activity, weakens black market

Holiday Recipes

How to have a weed-infused dinner, without getting too high

WGN Radio's FoodTime with Dean Richards

Joline talks with WGN’s Dean Richards about how to use culinary cannabis for health and wellness.

Food Mondays: An Intro To Cannabis-Infused Cooking With Kitchen Toke's Joline Rivera

As individual U.S. states continue to legalize or decriminalize cannabis, the plant has start to transition from a contraband substance to a lifestyle in some of the country.

'Kitchen Toke' Brings Cannabis and Wellness to the Dinner Table

As more states continue to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, it’s creating a boom for a lot of other businesses. That includes ‘Kitchen Toke,’ the first publication focusing on culinary cannabis.

Bloomingdale’s Toasts Prabal Gurung With a Dinner of Hemp Pasta and CBD Salsa

Prabal Gurung is authentic to his origins, he stands up for ethicality, and he makes sure that everyone involved in his vision is having a great time.

Prabal Gurung Celebrates Postshow With Friends, Indian Food and CBD

Show guests including Bella Thorne, Nina Agdal and Angela Sarafyan headed to Baar Baar to celebrate the designer’s collection.

13 Hottest Magazine Launches of 2018

Mr. Magazine teams up with the MPA to present ‘The Launch of the Year’ at the American Magazine Media Conference.

A New Generation of Food Magazines Thinks Small, and in Ink

As traditional food publications shrink and cut staffs, small print magazines across the country are finding ways to tell stories on their own terms.

The top 10 cannabis lifestyle trends of 2017

Let’s take a moment to mark the monumental strides for marijuana in the past twelve months.

Kitchen Toke : The First Magazine about Cooking with Cannabis

The game changing, positive effects cannabis can have on human health.

All You Can Eat

with Rob Rosenthal

Industry Leaders Carve Out New Thanksgiving Traditions with Cannabis

America needs new traditions as much as the cannabis plant does.
Kitchen Toke in The Aspen Times

The Aspen Times: Cannabis Infused Cocktails

Cannabis-Infused Cocktail Recipes

Dog Blogger feature of Kitchen Toke Honey

Dog Blogger

Kitchen Toke Honey Feature

Who's Got Next

From sports and entertainment to social justice and science, these 17 EMERGING POWERPLAYERS are winning the race to the future.

The North American cannabis scene's adaptation

Here are Some of the Cannabis Industry's New Year's Resolutions

Prabal Gurung Breaks Naan with Fashion's Finest at his Post-Show Dinner

An invite-only collaboration between Grassroots, Kitchen Toke and Baar Baar filled the soirée with unexpected treats.

High Times has Some Glossy New Competition

Print is dying but magazines about marijuana are thriving.

Chicago Reader : Food & Drink

Chicago-based Kitchen Toke, the first zine devoted to cooking with weed, preaches the green word.

At Work With : Joline Rivera, Kitchen Toke

This new food magazine concentrates on one integral ingredient—cannabis—and we meet Joline as issue three goes into production.

The Daily Edit

Kitchen Toke : Frank Lawlor

Buzz List for November 2017

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