Nut Butters

Time to spread out

Nut butters are an easy way to deliver CBD or THC. Toast nuts to bring out the oils and deeper flavors, grind and add oil, either infused with cannabis or a tincture. Enjoy by the spoon when the mood strikes, pair with jelly or be inspired by the numerous ways nut butters are trending. Groundnut and seed butters add richness, dairy-free creaminess and body to any number of dishes; they keep cakes moist, enrich sauces and fillings, fortify smoothies or oatmeal and make paleo cookies delicious.
Marcona almond spread on the Big Tot from Sqirl in LA
At Sqirl, in Los Angeles, a smoked Marcona almond and chive schmear accompanies the “Big Tot,” a flat, crispy, plate-sized tater tot-latke hybrid made with shredded potato and chickpea flour. New York’s Lalito uses ground sesame to make tahini that adds moisture and flavor to its banana loaf while a plantbased Caesar is dressed in a silky robe of ground cashew, spirulina, nutritional yeast and dulse.
Indian PBJ sandwich from PBJ LA
The peanut butter and jelly concept PBJ in Los Angeles also provides ways to improvise. Curried cashew butter pairs with spicy mango chutney, arugula and daikon on the Indian sandwich, while toasted pine nut butter meets up with sage, basil, cherry tomatoes, arugula, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and smoked provolone on the Italian sandwich.
Pan-seared duck fresh rogue creamery blue cheese Oregon hazelnuts and house-made marionberry on Challah
Similarly creative takes can be found at PBJ’s Grilled in Portland, Oregon. Hazelnut butter accents panseared duck, smoked blue cheese and marionberry jamon challah, while walnut butter joins caramelized onions, capicola, brie and pear butter on sourdough wheat bread.
If such combinations are too far out, start with the basics and then go nuts.


Experiment by swapping out a traditional nut or seed butter for another. For instance, a play on Vietnamese peanut sauce might employ almond butter in place of the peanut but retain the requisite fish sauce and garlic. Thin a cashew butter with oil and an acidic component such as lemon or vinegar to make a creamy, tahini-like condiment. Here are Three CBD and THC infused nut butter recipes to get you started:
Recipe: three CBD or THC infused nut butters

Three CBD or THC infused Nut Butters

Article and recipes by Niki Ford Photography by Eva Kolenko

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