Cannabis Beach Picnic

Toke on the Water

Lazy gluten-free beach grilling, with a minimum of prep

It’s a glorious summer beach day. You spread your blanket and sunscreen, unfold the lounge chairs and umbrella, crack a cold one and fire up the grill in anticipation of an epic, lazy feast. Only today, you did a wee bit of advance prep, so now your sumptuous grilled clams with buttery breadcrumbs, steak with a vibrant herb sauce, zucchini with pistachio and mint, and grilled peaches with cardamom-honey coconut cream are nearly effortless to prepare and are infused with a little something extra.

As you lean back to revel in the sun stretching over the horizon, it’s hard not to think that the winks on the shimmery waves are meant just for you. 

By Erika Lenkert

Photography by Paul Lowe

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