Low-dose Lowdown

Microdosing promises the benefits of cannabis without too much buzz, but precise dosing can be elusive. Taking a low dose of THC is as simple as popping a throat lozenge with Wana Drops, hard candy, available in Tangerine Sativa and Watermelon Indica varieties. Each Drop delivers a fruity 5 mg of THC—half of what’s in the company’s popular Sour Gummies—and each package contains 20 servings for 100 mg total THC.

The key to consistency for the Colorado company are its top-shelf extracts and infusion process; each of the tangy formulations masks that distinctive weed flavor, though both leave a peppery aftertaste (in fact, you may want an actual lozenge or a swig of water afterward). Though one is designated sativa and the other indica, at this low dose both flavors deliver a similar, pleasantly capped elevation so your mind can expand on the task, experience or conversation at hand.

Price: $16.95
Available in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon