Elevated Edibles

Yippee Ki-yay, Motherfucker

If you’re familiar with the catch phase popularized by the Bruce Willis movie “Die Hard,” you’ll get why Zoots labels one of its two cannabis-infused concentrates as “Feel the energy within.”

A capful of ZootDrops Yippee Ki-yay in mandarin-lime gives 8 ounces of plain sparkling water a hint of orange similar to other flavored bubbly H2O—but with benefits. According to the packaging, the boost is a blend of green coffee bean extract, green tea, D-Ribose and THC that amounts to 5 mg per capful or half teaspoon.

Kick Back, on the other hand, is a ZootDrops relaxation blend with a pleasant hint of lemon. Its motto, “Relax the mind and the body will follow,” is supported by chamomile, L-Theanine from green tea and 5 mg of THC per capful.

Each concentrate adds a subtle version of its flavor, suitable for water, tea or other light beverages. A serving added to less liquid, such as a shot of vodka, would of course offer more pronounced flavor. Whether you want to chill or be energized, both products are void of any cannabis flavor.

Price: $24 to $38 each
Available in Colorado, Massachusetts and Washington